Thinking of Moving to the Kelowna-Okanagan Area?

I have partnered with my colleague and industry expert Donna Fuller to form our Okanagan Connector team! Donna and I worked together for many years and I can with confidence refer my clients to and recommend her services if you are looking to purchase a home in or around the Kelowna area of BC.

If you are considering a purchase in the Kelowna area here are five things you need to know:

1.) Favourable Housing Options
One of the main factors influencing people to move to Kelowna is its affordability compared to Vancouver. In comparison, in 2021 the average price for residential homes in the Greater Vancouver real estate market is currently set at $2M, which is set to go a lot further in Orchard City!

As in any city, deciding on a good neighbourhood is one of the key factors in purchasing a home. One of the most popular areas is definitely the waterfront, which offers increased prices compared to previous years. The West Kelowna Estates, The Mission, Black Mountain, Rutland and Glenrosa neighbourhoods are also worth looking into. Those interested in renting instead of buying will be happy to find that the rental vacancy rate is set to increase this year thanks to a new supply of apartment rentals becoming available to tenants.

2.) Nice Weather
Boasting a semi-arid climate, the city of Kelowna has four seasons and nice weather all year round. Thanks to its proximity to Okanagan Lake, winters in K-Town are much milder than in many other large Canadian cities. Although the summer months can get pretty hot, you can easily escape the heat wave by setting up camp at the banks of the lake and enjoying some quality downtime in the sun.

Although Kelowna experiences plenty of cloudy days, it is still among the top 10 Canadian cities with the most sunny days annually. If you dread the long and cold Canadian winter months and want to enjoy the summer warmth, then Kelowna might be one of the best places to move to!

3.) Booming Food and Culture Scene
Foodies will quickly fall in love with Kelowna’s colourful food scene. With a wide array of restaurants ranging from Italian cuisine to Thai delicacies, and from farm-to-table dining sprinkled with quality local ingredients to breweries and distilleries, K-Town has it all! And let’s not forget about the 40 wineries scattered around the hills adjacent to Okanagan Lake, boasting memorable tastings with unparalleled views.

The burgeoning arts and culture scene offers exciting exhibitions and insightful museums to locals and tourists alike. The city of Kelowna hosts a handful of events, festivals, concerts and expos year-round, providing quality entertainment to all generations.

4.) Tech Hub
In recent years Kelowna has slowly but surely evolved into a highly sought-after hub for the Canadian tech industry and shows no signs of stopping. Thanks to the young and ambitious fresh graduates who chose Orchard City for its high quality of living and low housing costs as well as the myriad of great job and entrepreneurial opportunities, Kelowna has been put on the map of Canada’s tech centres. In fact, it has become so popular that many large companies are also opting to relocate to here.

Kelowna boasts a tight-knit community of young professionals backed up by programs such as Accelerate Okanagan, aimed at helping local entrepreneurs and creating jobs in the tech sector. The Innovation Centre, located at the heart of the city, has similar purposes and offers a well-equipped base for start-ups and small ventures.

5.) Outdoorsy Paradise
Thanks to Kelowna’s extensive network of parks, beaches, walkways, bike lanes and recreation facilities, locals can take advantage of the fine weather and head outside year-round. The city has over 200 parks, playgrounds and sports fields where people can enjoy some quality time while doing some exercise or simply going for a picnic. K-Town also boasts nearly 300 kilometers of bike lanes, encouraging locals to cycle to work instead of driving.

Those looking to escape the city for a few days can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities in the vicinity of Kelowna. In the summer, Okanagan Lake is a beloved destination among swimmers, canoers, kite-surfers and paddle boarders. Knox Mountain Nature Reserve offers exciting trails to hikers, while three different ski resorts can also be found a short drive away from the city.

As you can see, Kelowna is quite an impressive city to move to. It offers a myriad of affordable housing options, plenty of professional opportunities and numerous forms of entertainment. The city’s outdoorsy culture, family-friendly atmosphere and flourishing food and culture scene are also some of its greatest assets. If you do your research beforehand and decide to move to Kelowna, you’ll surely be rewarded with an appealing base which you can call home.

If you are looking to buy a New or existing Home in Kelowna check out Donna Fuller's web site, KELOWNA NEW HOMES FOR SALE DOT COM and give her a call or Text 604-683-1393. She covers the following areas and neighborhoods!

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