BC Encouraging Homeowners to Create Secondary Suites!

The provincial government is looking at new ways to expand rental housing supply.

BC Housing, unveiled the details of its Secondary Suite Incentive Program. This is hoping to add more housing to the already stressed rental market.

The introduction of this plan will help home-owners create secondary suites in preparing for a new pilot project rolling in the spring of 2024.

New measures are coming to B.C. that will help create more housing as the Province speeds up permitting and helps build more secondary suites for rent. The HSH guide (the Single Housing Application Service and the Home Suite Home Guide) will also help existing homeowners prepare for the Secondary Suite Incentive Program set to come into effect in spring 2024 The pilot project hopes to encourage the annual creation of up to 3,000 secondary suites for rentals with forgivable loans up to $40,000, subject to various conditions. The BC Government is making it easier and faster to get provincial permits to build new homes, and offering financial support for people who could build a suite they can rent out at more affordable rates.

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To read the Home Suite Home guide, visit: 

To read the Homes for People action plan, visit: 

For information about the Secondary Suite Incentive Program and to sign up for updates, visit: www.bchousing.org/secondary-suite  

Author: Donna Fuller